Beautiful corner: Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian island in the Indian Ocean, 1,540 km from the Australian coast. It was discovered and named by Dutch navigators on Christmas Day in 1643.
Sovereignty was transferred from the United Kingdom to Australia in 1958.
The island is famous for its richness in phosphate, its immense tropical forest, its steep cliffs which stretch along the coast, its streams which come from underground caves and end up flowing into the ocean, its red crabs, its picturesque beaches (notably Dolly Beach, which has become a campsite and a favorite nesting place for endangered sea turtles), its hot and humid tropical climate.
Almost two-thirds of the area of the island is a national park.

Margaret’s Knoll ( Image source: )
Many cliffs and noisy vents, along the limestone coast ( Image source: )
Dolly Beach ( Image source: flickr / thefuturistics )
South “island christmas” trees ( Image source: flickr / Drew Mackie )
Flying Fish Cove town ( image source: es.wikipedia / Paul McFarlane )
Metalwalk, between the forest and the coast ( Image source: )
Red crab migration ( Image source: / David Piñeiro )

Image of title, source: fr.wikipedia

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