Rare images of PERM

Perm is a city in Russia located in the southwest of the Ural mountain range, on the Kama River.
The city is famous among geologists for an interesting fossiliferous deposit from the period known as the Permian (between 300 and 250 million years ago).
Perm has been an important industrial center, since the 19th century, highly developed during WWII; It is home to metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, chemical and food industries.
Perm is a cultural and artistic center, home to seven higher education institutions, dozens of scientific research institutes and several scientific schools and academies; It is also known for its Opera, its theatres, its national art gallery, its museum…and its annual music and dance festival (Diaghilev festival).
Its population is 1,050,000.

Image source: flickr / Aleksandr Zykov
Church of the Ascension ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Latitude )
Parkovy microdistrict. View from the bridge along Stroiteley Street ( Image source: ru.wikipedia / D V S )
Railway station Perm ( Image source: ru.wikipedia / A.Savin (WikiCommons
Perm Pedagogical University ( Image source: ru.wikipedia / A.Savin )
Monument to Vasily Tatishchev, the founder of Perm ( Image source: ru.wikipedia / Тара-Амингу  )
the Perm Opera and Ballet

Image of title, source: flickr / Kevin Dooley

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