Traveling in 2022: LA PAZ (Mexico)

La Paz is a city in Mexico, capital of the state of Baja California Sur. The city is located on La Paz Bay, between a mountain range and the Gulf of California. La Paz has a tropical desert climate. (The temperature today: 81°F 17°c/59°F 15°c )
Tourism is the main economic sector of La Paz.
Its population 250,000 inhabitants

 Kiosco del Malecon beach ( Image source : flickr / Jasperdo )
Along the Malecon ( Image source: flickr /jasperdo )
Image source: flickr / charleschandler
( Image source: flickr /jasperdo )
Business zone ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Adam Jones )
Sculpture of a band in the shape of shells ( Image source: flickr / Wonderlane )

Image of title: Panoramic view from El Cerro Atravesado. Source: es.wikipedia / LicNickUABC 

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