Traveling in 2022: Quy Nhon

Quy Nhơn is a port city on the central coast of Vietnam.
The city sits amid diverse nature with mountains, hills, salt marshes, plains, lagoons, lakes, rivers, shores, peninsulas and islands, fields, forests and 42 kilometers of sandy beaches.
The tropical climate of Quy Nhon is characterized by very warm to hot temperatures all year round.
population 460,000 inhabitants.

( Temperature today: 78°F 26°c/71°F 22°c )

Quy Nhơn city ( Image source: flickr / Lê Hồ Bắc )
Image source: fr.wikipedia / Dragfyre 
Quy Nhon Beach Phuong Mai Peninsula ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / VeeWin )
Image source: flickr / Vũ Tuấn Quy Nhơn
Bai Xep Beach ( Image source: /
Image source: flickr / Lê Hồ Bắc
The “Banh It” towers sit on top of a hill which also offers stunning views (from 9th century) (Image source: )
Musée de Quang Trung ( Image source: / VI.WIKIPEDIA )

Image of title: Somewhere in Quy Nhon city . Sourece: flickr / Lê Hồ Bắc

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