Sweden’s most famous painter: Anders Leonard Zorn

Anders Leonard Zorn is the most popular painter in Sweden, he is also an engraver, sculptor and photographer, born February 18, 1860 and died August 22, 1920.
After his studies at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, he took advantage of his trips to Madrid, London, Constantinople, and – above all – Paris, to perfect and professionalize his impressionist art.
Anders Leonard Zorn was decorated with the Legion of Honor and won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889. In 1906, he was warmly welcomed by the French press, after exhibiting 166 of his paintings at Paris.

Self Portrait with Model, in 1896 ( Image source: en.wikipedia )
“Emma Zorn, reading” 1887 ( Image source: en.wikipedia.org )
“The King of Sweden, King Oscar II” , 1898 ( Image source: en.wikipedia.org )
“Our Daily Bread” , 1886 ( Image source: en.wikipedia.org )
“Ols Maria”, 1918 ( Image source: en.wikipedia.org )

Image source: “Sommarnöje” [=Summer fun](1886). Sweden’s most expensive painting; sold for 2.84 million USD on June 3, 2010. Source: en.wikipedia.org

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