Traveling in 2022: Santa Cruz Department ( Bolivia)

The department of Santa Cruz is located in the east of Bolivia on an area of 370,621 km2 and with 2,660,000 inhabitants. Its capital is the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
The department is characterized by a rich variety of natural areas, grouped into three zones:
1) The folds of the Andes Cordillera (A mountainous area, full of valleys and hills).
2) the Chaco Plain
3) the crystalline basement (A wavy rocky area with very extensive depressions)
The department preserves and protects the different ecosystems it contains; It is home to several national parks (Kaa Iya del Gran Chaco National Park, Amboró National Park, Otuquis National Park, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park,….)

Serranía de Santiago, Roboré. ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / leogomezr )
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park ( Image source: / Pattrön )
Butterflies -Biocentro Guembé, a natural paradise near Santa Cruz city ( Image source: flickr / RaMaOrLi )
Serranía de Santiago de Chiquitos ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Leogomezr )
Amboro National Park ( Image source: flickr / mzagerp )
Valley of the Pilcomayo River in Villamontes ( Image source: nl.wikipedia / Walter Segovia )
Santa cruz de la sierra ( Image source: flickr / David Clow )

Image of title: Nature near Samaipata. Source: flickr / mzagerp

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