« Space, Life, and Light »

Space, Life and Light” (premiered on February 09, 2022) is an artistic creation in the style of neorealism and neo-impressionism.
In this creation, I imagined a landscape representing 3 things at once:

The life of a natural being
infinite space
roles of light
In this work, there is homogeneity and intersection in this miniature system. This results in both aesthetic and emotional effects.

« Space, Life, and Light » (02/2022), by ALOZADE Ahmed

Detail 2
Detail 3

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3 réflexions sur “« Space, Life, and Light »

  1. Hi dear Christina. 🍁🌿
    the tree means a lot to me:
    it is a living being that imports and exports, it is a living historical fossil that keeps memories of a past further than ours,
    it is a main element in the bioclimatic system ,
    it is a source of beauty of colors and our good morale.
    Thank you for your encouragement Christine.🌞🌺

  2. Ahmed, it looks like a wonderful tree of life. Full color & bountiful. A pleasing look at nature at it’s best. Much needed. Thank you. 📚🎶 Christine

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