Traveling in 2022: Sabah state

Sabah is a state in Malaysia (77,500 km2). It is located northeast of the island of Borneo, on the coasts of the China Sea, the Sulu Sea and the Celebes Sea.
Its population: almost 4,000,000 inhabitants
The main city and state capital is Kota Kinabalu

Bohey Dulang (Image source: flickr / MEMANG RIZALIS ENT)
Padas river valley ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / CEphoto )
Mount Kinabalu (4,095 m 13,435 ft) in the morning ( Image source: flickr / Bernard DUPONT )
A beach in Gaya island ( Image source: flickr / Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy )
Proboscis monkey or long-nosed monkey (female with her young in Sandakan) ( Image source: flickr / Martha de Jong-Lantink )
Kota Kinabalu city ( image source: flickr / Jason Thien )
in Semporna, Bajau women in traditional dress, during the opening of the Tun Sakaran Museum ( Image source: en.wikipedia / CEphoto )

Image of title, source: flickr / nadi0

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