Rare images of Portland (Oregon)

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, in the northwest of the United States (its urban population: 2.5 million inhabitants).
the city is famous for its Silicon Forest technology park specializing in multimedia, for the major producers of sportswear, for its world leadership in waste recycling, for the production of the best comic strips in the USA, and for The Portland Art Museum founded in 1892.

Image source: flickr / Aaron Brown
Rose and Raindrop ( Image source: flickr / Kris )
Portland Streetcar ( Image source: flickr / 5chw4r7z )
“Bush’s legacy” Graffiti in Portland ( Image source: flickr / ***JohnnyC )
The Portlandia Statue ( Image source: flickr / Steve )
Japanese Flat Garden in Portland ( Image source: flickr / Jim Choate )
Festival Romani, in Portland ( Image source: flickr / K. Kendall )

Image of title: The Hawthorne Bridge . Source: flickr / Unsettler

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