Rare images of Ljubljana

Ljubljana (286,000 inhabitants) is the largest city and the capital of Slovenia (a country which became independent from Yugoslavia in 1991).
The city – which has a long and rich history of 4000 years – mixes and preserves its historic center and its architectural styles: Baroque, Austrian, Art Nouveau and contemporary buildings.
The city is home to 15 museums and 11 theatres; And it organizes more than 10,000 cultural events every year.

Image source: flickr / pululante
Image source: flickr / Patrick Müller
The Maison Souvan, built in the 17th century and whose facade, renovated in 1827 ( Image source: fr.wikipedia /Andrzej Otrębski )
The National Gallery in Ljubljana ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Petar Milošević )
National Gallery of Slovenia (a museum of works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Its building was established in 1896) ( Image source: de.wikipedia )
Town Centre ( Image source: flickr / Daniel Thornton )
Facade of the Ethnography Museum ( Image source: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra )

Image of title: Satyr Sculpture by Jakov Brdar, Butcher’s Bridge. Source: flickr / Michael & Sherry Martin

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