Photos of my trip to Madrid (5): Sculptures

I was in Madrid from February 23 to March 02, 2022. I immortalized hundreds of photos for you, my dear friends and visitors. I will publish them in articles for 6 days. I hope you like them.

Madrid is famous for its works of art, it is a city of art. The sculptures are present everywhere in the city, in the main arteries, in the squares, in the public gardens and even on the buildings.
Impossible not to notice, in every corner of Madrid, many sculptures dedicated to mythological characters, great figures of Spanish history, artists or even animals.
If you are visiting Madrid, plan visits to the city’s famous statues and sculptures. But look everywhere for little-known sculptures that are sometimes very interesting works of art.

In the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente there is a statue that represents a sweeper with his brush in his hand, in full work “Madrid Barrendero 1960”. it is probably one of the most photographed statues in Madrid.
The work was produced by Félix Hernando García in 2001.
Pedro Calderón de la Barca sculpture(1600-1681), Spanish poet and playwright.
Me with the statue celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the organization ONCE supported the blind with lottery sales
Statue in Retiro Park, of Sancho IV the Brave (1257 -1295), who was king of Castile and León.
The sculptures of lions in front of the door of “Congress of Deputies”
Statue of Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616, Spanish novelist, poet and playwright), created by the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé (1906-1983), and inaugurated on January 19, 1967.
Statue of Doctor Ángel Pulido Fernández (1852-1932, Spanish liberal physician, publicist and politician)

Image of title: The statue of “the bear and the strawberry tree” is the most famous in Madrid, it is a work of the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé (1906-1983), it was inaugurated on January 19, 1967. It represents the main heraldic symbols of the city. (The first appearance of a wild bear and an arbutus on the coat of arms of the city dates back to the 13th century)

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