Photos of my trip to Madrid (6): Beautiful pictures of the streets

I was in Madrid from February 23 to March 02, 2022. I immortalized hundreds of photos for you, my dear friends and visitors. I will publish them in articles for 6 days. I hope you like them.

Wandering the streets of Madrid, I photographed some of the sights, scenes and corners that have charm. Here are some of those images:

The lively atmosphere in Puerta del Sol, Saturday evening around 9 p.m. (The most famous square in Madrid, where is the great statue of Charles 3, the Statue of the Bear and the Arbutus, and kilometer zero for distances in Spain)
The Fountain of the Ponds of the Segovia Bridge, in the Latina district. On the left, The stone arch bridge built in the 1580s over the Madrid River (Its flow is weak, due to the drought of the current year)
“Taberna El Madroño” (=the strawberry tree tavern), in the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada, in the middle of the most traditional historic center of Madrid, this restaurant was founded in 1947. It is famous for its artistic paintings in its interior and in its facade.
Carrillón clock, in Menina street in Alcala
Cuesta de San Vincente (=Slope ), which leads from the Spanish Steps to Puerta San Vincente. In the middle of the photo, a good restaurant-bar where I found a cheap paella (10 Euros).
Me with the letters from MADRID, in the Huerta de la Partida (=Orchard of the Departure). Behind me passes the Madrid river (El rio manzanares). In the background of the photo The Royal Palace and its gardens.

Image of title: The “Puerta de Alcalá” triumphal arch, in the center of the Independence Square roundabout, is one of the five ancient gates that gave access to the city. The inauguration of this work, built on the order of King Charles 3, was in 1778. “Puerta de Alcala” has become a World Heritage Site.

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