Traveling in 2022: Paraná state

(Image source: flickr / Clodoaldo Lima )

Paraná is a state in Brazil, located in the south of the country.
The Parana benefits from its natural diversity which goes from the Atlantic coast in the east, to the Serra do Mar mountains in the west.
The climate is humid subtropical.
The state’s economy is based on the agriculture of corn, soybeans, sugar cane, timber, yerba mate, honey, cattle and poultry. Western Paraná has become the largest fish producing region in the country.
Its capital is Curitiba (the cleanest city in the country). Its area is 199,709 km2. Its population is 11.5 million.

Iguaçu National Park. ( Image Source: flickr / Deni Williams )
Beach in Honey Island (Ilha do Mel) ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Deyvid Setti )
Pico Taipabuçu (1727 m ) (Image source: flickr / Clodoaldo Lima )
Represa Capivari Mirim (Image source: flickr / Clodoaldo Lima )
Parque Estadual de Vila Velha  ( Image source: flickr / Altair Abreu )
Curitiba city (Image source: flickr / Henri Bergius )
Curitiba city (Image source: flickr / sergiomazzi )

Image of title: Pedra do Grito. Source: flickr / Clodoaldo Lima

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