Rare images of Tottori town 鳥取

Tottori is a small town (200,000 inhabitants) in the Chugoku region, northwest of Japan, on the Sea of Japan.
Tottori is famous for:
*its historic part at the foot of Kyushouzanla mountain,
*Sendai River
*its sand dunes, which are important for tourism and arid agriculture research
*its famous Shan-shan festival
*its humid subtropical climate

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Image source: flickr / Cheng-en Cheng
Sendai River ( Image source:
Ruins of Tottori Castle in Kyusho Park (Built in 1532, demolished in 1879) ( Image source: en.wikipedia / 663highland )
Tottori Castle before demolition (en.wikipedia)
The sand dunes ( Image source: flickr / Pekka Järveläinen )
Tottori Station ( Image source: ja.wikipedia / 663highland )
“The Umbrella Festival” is every summer in Tottori ( Image source: bglifejourney.blogspot.com /bgfotologue )

Image of title: Tottori Port. Source: ja.wikipedia /まも(Mamo)

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