Rare images of Hainan island

Hainan is an island in China located in the South China Sea. Its capital is the city of Haikou.
Its area is 35,354 square kilometers and its population reaches 9.2 million.
In the center of the island, there are mountains that reach 1867 m (Wuzhi Mountains). Human activities are concentrated in the coastal plains. The climate of the island is very humid tropical (which favors the agriculture of rice and all tropical products).
Since 1988, Hainan has benefited from the status of special economic zone, which allows the island to benefit from tax advantages, enabling it to attract foreign investment.
Hainan is famous for its gigantic achievements in the fields of architecture and transportation networks.

Haikou city ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Anna Frodesiak )
Hainan Five Finger Mountain ( Image source: image.baidu / zcool.com.cn )

Hainan “Chinese Hawaii” is the main tourist destination for Chinese (more than 76 million in 2018)
Since May 1, 2018, Hainan has granted visa-free access to tourist groups from 27 countries (including: United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan…).

SuperStar Aquarius at Phoenix Island, in Sanya city Bay ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Anna Frodesiak )
Resorts in Yalong bay of Sanya city
Source: flickr / Daniel Chodusov
Wuzhishan town, Lanhu Shore ( Image source: image.baidu / m.hainanfz.com )
Image source: flickr / kaurjmeb
Sculpture in Tianya Haijiao park (Image source: flickr / kohseesu )

Image of title: The tree-like architecture of the Sanya Beauty Crown Hotel . Source: wired.it / Huang Dou / ChinaImages / IPA

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