Traveling in 2022: The Cayman islands

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, between Cuba, Jamaica and Mexico. They are three islands: Grand Cayman (197km2), Little Cayman (26km2) and Cayman Brac (36km2).
The population of the islands is approximately 70,000.
The Cayman Islands are famous for The tropical climate with little change in temperature, for the reefs that attract scuba diving, and for the economy based on financial services and tourism, making the standard of living of the Caymanians, the highest in the Caribbean.

George Town Cruise Port (Image source: / Tom Harper & Daniel Beiszley )
Seven Mile Beach in Westin Grand Cayman ( Image source: flickr / Heather Cowper )
West Bay beach ( Image source: flickr / im.M )
Little Cayman Beach Resort ( Image source: flickr / Serge Melki )
Crystal Caves ( Image source: flickr / Heather Cowper )
Cayman Island turtle farm ( Image source: flickr / S F photographs )

Image source: Reef near Grand Cayman . Source: flickr / Ocean Frontiers Diving Adventures

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