Traveling in 2022: Region of Puglia

The region of Puglia is a region located in the extreme south-east of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea.
Its area: 19,358 km2. Its population: 4 million inhabitants. The largest city is Bari (320,000 inhabitants)
The territory of the region is flat and not very hilly, with a Karstic nature very rich in beautiful forms. The long rocky coast hides charming beaches and small islands.
Puglia keeps the remains of humans who lived there for 130,000 years, and also an artistic heritage and monuments inherited from all of Italy’s history.
The region’s economy is based on agriculture, fishing, heavy industry and international tourism.

Madonie park ( Image source: it.wikipedia / Davide Mauro )
Torre Sant’Andrea – Puglia ( Image source: flickr / Giuseppe Milo )
Roman ruins in Lecce city ( Image source: flickr / Paul Barker Hemings )
Spiaggia di Porto Selvaggio ( Image source: )
Bari Vecchia – historical Center ( Image source: flickr / Juan Mercader )
Brindisi town ( Image source: flickr / Reise nach Apulien )

Image of title: Polignano a Mare. source: flickr / andresumida

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