Strange images of Hamburg

Hamburg is a large city and the largest port in Germany, located in the north of the country, near the mouth of the Elbe in the North Sea.
Hamburg is famous for its network of canals, its artificial lake, its many theaters and museums, its opera Hamburgische Staatsoper with its Philharmonic orchestra, its 17 universities, its television channel ARD, and its nightlife district (Sankt Pauli and Reeperbahn)
The city has 1.9 million inhabitants

Image source: flickr / Vincent
Altes Fährterminal Altona
This building was from the beginning of the 90s to 2002 the terminal of the ferry England – Hamburg. Another cruise terminal was built – in the immediate vicinity.
( Image source: flickr / Mariano Mantel )
Street performer ( Image source: flickr / Saffar Abdalah )
The Rote Flora is a former theater built in 1888 and named Tivoli-Theater, then Concerthaus Flora and finally Flora-Theater.
the Rote Flora was transformed into a squat in November 1989, then into an autonomous centre. It regularly hosts exhibitions of artists from all over the world, parties and cultural events and also serves as a meeting point for left-wing movements.
( Image source: flickr / Fred Romero )
Many ads of Hans Hummels (Company that offers products and services in all areas related to packaging) ( Image source: flickr / Mark Michaelis)
Hafencity district ( Image source: )
Street art in the Karolinenviertel district ( Image source: flickr / Fred Romero )

Image of title: Arch bridge, source: flickr / Mariano Mantel

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