Seated Women by Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper was an American painter, born into a comfortable middle-class family in Nyack, New York, in 1882. Hopper was quiet and reserved. He had few friends and spent much of his time alone with his books and art. His parents were supportive of his artistic inclinations and introduced Edward and his older sister Marion to the arts early in life.

“Morning Sun” (1952) ( Image source: flickr / Bert Kaufmann )

After his travels in Europe, Hopper perfected his style of “modified impressionism”. But after 1924 his style of painting matured and his favorite subject emerged (isolated figures in interiors). From 1930 his works entered the permanent collection of the new Museum of Modern Art.
Hopper died on May 15, 1967.

“Automat” (1927) (Image source: )
“Hotel Lobby” (1943) ( Image source: flickr / Andrea Wright )
Compartment C, Car 193 (1938) ( Image source: )
“Western Motel” (1957) ( Image source: flickr / mr.gian )
“Chop Suey” (1929) ( Image source: )

Image of title: “self-portrait” 1925-30 , by Edward Hopper. Source:

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