Traveling in 2022: Cochabamba

Cochabamba is a city in Bolivia and seat of the South American Parliament. Its population was 630,000. Located in a fertile valley over 2,500m above sea level, Cochabamba is known across the country as the garden city, it was a key site in the Inca Empire since the 13th century. The city was founded during the Spanish colonization in the 16th century.

Image source: flickr / rinaldovidal
Image source: flickr / carlos destefani
Tribute of the Social Club to the Liberator Portal Simon Bolívar ( Image source: flickr / carlos destefani )
Los Tiempos building ( Image source: flickr / Daniel Sempértegui )
Bolivian Dance Parade in Cochabamba Urkupina Festival ( Image source: flickr / David Clow )
Graffiti in Cochabamba city ( Image source: flickr / MollySVH )

Image of title, source: flickr / carlos destefani

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