Traveling in 2022: Szombathely

Szombathely is a town in northwestern Hungary, near the Austrian border (its population: 80,000)
Szombathely was part of the empire of Austria, until 1918. It is in the county of Vas, which occupies the area at the junction of the Little Alfold Plain and the Transdanubia Hills, with the Koszegi Mountains and several rivers.
Szombathely is famous for its 12 museums (especially the Astrophysical Observatory Museum), its 8 churches (especially the Gothic-style Franciscan Church and Monastery, built in 1360), and its artistic and cultural events (especially the International Competition of dance).

Image source: flickr / foldeslaci
Old savings bank ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Covyy )
Nature in Koszeg, north of Szombathely
The ruins of István Paulovics (Roman ruins and remains of a circular medieval castle with the cathedral) ( Image source: hu.wikipedia / Civertan )
Image source: flickr / Istvan
The Fauna fountain (sculpture by János Blaskó Jr., 2006) ( Image source: flickr / Katerina Dmitrijewa )
Savaria Historical Carnival in Szombathely ( Image source: )

Image of title: The main square of Szombathely ,source: hu.wikipedia / Sudika

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