Strange images of São Paulo

São Paulo (12 million inhabitants) is a city in southeastern Brazil. It is the main financial, commercial and industrial center of Latin America, it has experienced, during the 21st century, one of the strongest economic growths in the world.
The city has many monuments, parks and museums, and is known for its skyscrapers.

New bridge in the Brooklyn-Marumbi area ( Image source: flickr / BW Bray )
Contrast: New and not so new colorful residential buildings are slowly replacing the remaining gray warehouses in the Brás district (ex industrial) ( Image source: flickr / Diego Torres Silvestre )
Image source: flickr / Wilfredorrh
Image source: flickr / Edo Paulus
Laocoön and His Sons in Ibirapuera Park ( Image source: flickr / Caliel Lima da Costa )
Graffiti in Sao Paulo [This image is processed] ( Image source: flickr / Paulo Ito )
“Giants by Nature” is a street orchestra ( Image source: flickr / Rodrigo Soldon )

Image of title, source: flickr / MollySVH

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