Traveling in 2022: Maine State

Maine is a state located in the far northeast of the USA. Its area reaches 86,542 km2. Its population is 1,344,000.
Maine is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, especially for its rocky and jagged Atlantic coasts, its low and rolling mountains, its charming islets (31), its immense forests and its hot climate in summer (25.5°, after 6 months cold and snow). It is also recognized for its 28 small towns and its seafood specialties (especially lobster) and its blueberry producer (1st in the world).

York cliff walk ( Image source: flickr / Robyn Gallant )
casco bay ( Image source: flickr / Don Shall )
Kennebunkport ( Image source: )
lucy’s island ( Image source: flickr / row4food )
Portland town (67 000 inhabitants) ( Image source: flickr / Domenico Convertini )
Grafton Notch State Park ( Image source: flickr / Rafael Medina )
Camden town (5,200 inhabitants) ( Image source: flickr / Ken Lund )

Image of title: Baxter State Park , source: flickr / Jim Liestman

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