Traveling in 2022: Thasos island

Thasos is a mountainous island in the Thracian Sea, east of Greece, 8 km from mainland Thrace.
Its area: 398 km2
Its population: 13,800 inhabitants
The nature of Thasos is very varied due to the vast plains of the northeast and the mountains that dominate the rest of the island (summit of Mount Ypsario 1203 meters), with a temperate Mediterranean climate.
Thasos is famous for its mineral wealth (gold, copper, iron, marble..), for its olive trees and vines, for its honey, for its ancient ruins (Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines..), and by its fantastic beaches.

Thasos harbor ( Image source: flickr / Elisa Triolo )
Vathi Beach (Image source: commons.wikimedia / Ronald Saunders )
Archaeological Site Aliki ( Image source: flickr / Troels Myrup )
A street in the small village of Panagia, which leads towards the mountain of Mt Athos. ( Image source: flickr / Ronald Saunders )
Marble quarries ( Image source: flickr / Troels Myrup )
Byzantine church ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Alanjoejoseph )
Tourists walk among the olive trees ( Image source: flickr / Panegyrics of Granovetter )

Image of title: Chrisi Ammoudia beach , source: flickr / Leonora (Ellie) Enking

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