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Artist amateur specialty: Digital Painting. university research scientist, I test to enjoy my experience in classical drawing for years, my technical and scientific knowledge -aussi- of my training, methodological, psycho-philosophical ..to choose my subjects, my features and my colors. 68 years old, I live in Casablanca - Morocco

The Faroe Islands: The archipelago of unspoiled beauty


Images of art and beauty, for you The Faroe Islands The archipelago of unspoiled beauty The Faroe Islands are a constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark, along with Denmark and Greenland. This territory is located in the North Atlantic … Lire la suite

« Ocean of colors » – ALOZADE


My artistic creations « Ocean of colors » Creation day: July 22, 2020 The movements of water and air, with enormous energy, physical and light, produce beautiful rare colors and exceptional and impressive shapes.This subject is represented, with the help of the … Lire la suite



Beauty of art and images for you BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES Living artistic works. To the pleasures of your eyes Author: Marie et Didier PHOTOWEHRLI . Source: flickr Author: ulleo . Source: pixnio Source: pixnio Author: gardener41 . Source: flickr Author: Miwok . Source: flickr Author: … Lire la suite

Sri Lanka: A great museum of natural and human beauties.


Art and beauty images, for you Sri Lanka: This country is an open museum of natural and human beauties.. Sri Lanka is an island state located in the south-eastern part of India.Its population: almost 23 million people.Area: 65,610 km2Its capital: … Lire la suite

Auguste Rodin: One of the fathers of modern sculpture.


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19th century art Auguste Rodin: One of the fathers of modern sculpture René François Auguste Rodin, born in Paris on November 12, 1840 and died in Meudon on November 17, 1917, is one of the most important French sculptors of … Lire la suite

Do you know this place ?


Do you know this place ? The answer at the bottom of the article The answer: Slovak Karst National Park The Slovak Karst is a Carpathian mountain range in southern Slovakia, which consists of a complex of immense plains and … Lire la suite

« Neurons in harmony » – ALOZADE


My artistic creations « Neurons in harmony » Creation day: July 16, 2020 If, in socio-cultural systems, relationships and communications are very complicated, very energetic and very diffuse. The analytical vision of these systems reveals a stratification and reveals concentric sub-systems, some … Lire la suite