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Artist amateur specialty: Digital Painting.
university research scientist, I test to enjoy my experience in classical drawing for years, my technical and scientific knowledge -aussi- of my training, methodological, psycho-philosophical choose my subjects, my features and my colors.
68 years old, I live in Casablanca - Morocco

PICTURE OF THE DAY (January 12, 2021)

Today’s picture, was taken by myself: The play of art and lines, in the design of the town planning of the city Belbao, in the north of Spain. In the middle, the beautiful lays on the river (Ría de Bilbao, on the right). The famous « Guggenheim Museum » in […]


URBAN DESIGN In Zürich (Switzerland) Art and History are manifested together strongly in the urban space of Zurich. Zurich is a green city and a leader in climate protection by reducing car use, funding research into renewable energies and separating urban and recreational areas. Well preserved medieval building […]

Picture of the day (11/01/2021)

Picture : Pacific Coast Highway The Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) is one of the most scenic and beautiful roads in the world. It follows the coast of the Pacific Ocean for 882.87 kilometers.To the north, Highway 1 begins from U.S. Route 101, near Legett. In the south, […]

Where to find free images (3)

Where to find free images You need high quality free images, especially for articles on your website. I will help you find them easily. 3) Free image banks To search for a free image on the net, you must choose from 3 methods (see the previous article). The […]

Picture of the day (10/01/2021)

Picture : Hundafoss is a waterfall in the south of Iceland in the Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park, in the region of Suðurland.This unknown waterfall (25 meters) is located in the same region, with other waterfalls, more or less famous (Svartifoss, Morsarfoss, …).Hundafoss is not visible from the […]

Images of Morocco : Tangier

Images of Morocco In this category of articles, I will present you the different corners of my country (Morocco) TANGIER Tangier is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. It is located in the extreme north-west of the country, on the Straits of Gibraltar which separates Europe from […]

Picture of the day (09/01/2021)

Picture: Sculpture of William Grover-Williams in his Bugatti 35B (green), in Monaco: Winner of the first Monaco Grand Prix (1929), William Grover-Williams (1903-1945) had a British father and a French mother. During World War II he was an SOE agent in occupied France, where he was captured and […]

Stock Art : My recent in Artmajeur

STOCK ART My recent work in Artmajeur « Vital machine » « VITAL MACHINE »is an abstract expressionism painting, the most sought after style in stock art. The artistic beauty of this painting and its aesthetic resides in its subject of free imagination; It’s created with elements that have minimal relation to […]

Art philosophy: contemporary painting (1)

Photo author: William Murphy . Source: flickr Art philosophy Contemporary painting (1) Contemporary art refers to all works of art created since 1945 and up to the present day, whatever the style, the medium used and the artistic movement to which they belong. 1)New artistic movements in contemporary […]