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Beautiful Moroccan city (2)

The answer: TANGIER The port city, in the far north of Morocco, on the Strait of Gibraltar, at a distance of 13 kilometers – from the water – from Spain (in Europe).Tangier (1 million inhabitants) is a very old city (since the Phoenicians), today it is a tourist, commercial, industrial and transit city.In Tangier, the world’s first American consulate was established in 1821.

Japan’s Olympic Games Cities (2021)

Beauty Images, for you Cities Japan’s Olympic Games Cities Kōtō (Tokyo special district): Shibuya (Tokyo special district) : Hachiōji (40 km west of Tokyo) : Izu (in the center of the Izu peninsula, about 100 km, southwest of Tokyo): Hakuba (about 270 km northwest of Tokyo) : Hirono (about 240 km, north of Tokyo) : Naraha (8.5 km north of Hirono) : Image of … Lire la suite Japan’s Olympic Games Cities (2021)


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SANTANDER: A small, beautiful and little-known Spanish town

Art and beauty images, for you SANTANDER A small, beautiful and little-known Spanish town Isolated in the north of Spain with 173,000 inhabitants, Santander stretches along a vast bay. It is a very pleasant port town and seaside resort, thanks in particular to its exceptional beaches.Santander, founded in the year 26 BC. J.-C, and titled Cité in January 9, 1755, will also satisfy travelers … Lire la suite SANTANDER: A small, beautiful and little-known Spanish town

Summer in the spring and the countryside in the city (Video)

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Rare images of Stockholm (2)

Image source : commons.wikimedia / Arild Vågen Image source : commons.wikimedia / Jakub Hałun Image source : flickr / Fredrik Wass Image source : flickr / Florian Meißner Image source : Image source : flickr / Francisco Antunes Blouses Hollow Out Tassel Blouse without Necklace in Pink. Size: M,L Blouses Hollow Out Tassel Blouse without Necklace in Pink. Size: M,L Item #:476920 Package … Lire la suite Rare images of Stockholm (2)


Rare images of Helsinki (2)

Image source : wikitravel / JRodSilva Image source: flickr / Harvey Barrison Image source : fr.wikipedia Title image source: en.wikipedia / Alvesgaspar Hello, world! Save on Travel with

Rare images of Busan (2)

Image source : commons.wikimedia / Image source : travelfeeder Image source : commons.wikimedia / 문화재청 Image source : Image source : Image source : pixabay / Baekyoungsuk Image source : commons.wikimedia / Yazan Badran Image source : flickr / Jens-Olaf Walter


Sculptures in Paris

Beauty images, for you Sculptures in Paris During my trip to Paris, I took hundreds of photos that show the beauty of the city of Paris. I present you this images, for the pleasure of your eyes and your artistic spirit.                                         ……….     … Lire la suite Sculptures in Paris


Rare images of SANTIAGO(2)

Image source : pt.wikipedia / David Pozo  Image source : flickr / OneTwoTrip Travel Expert Image source: Image source : flickr / Michael Delli Carpini Image source : flickr / Keith Ewing Image source: Image source : flickr / duncan c


Rare images of SANTIAGO

Beauty Images, for you Rare images SANTIAGO, capital of Chile Image source : flickr / Cristóbal Pizarro Image source : flickr / Débora Medeiros Image source : es.wikipedia / .:GIO::IAB:. Image source : it.wikipedia / Tiago Masrour  Image source : flickr / C-Monster Image source : flickr / David Berkowitz Title image source : flickr / Wilhelm Lappe Check out 7 more rare images … Lire la suite Rare images of SANTIAGO


Rare photos of Paris

Pictures of my trip to Paris (France) Forbidden to download, copy or use the images of these articles. All rights are reserved