Paint movements: EXPRESSIONISM

Expressionism is an artistic trend that emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century, in northern Europe, particularly in Germany. (The painters of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Matthias Grünewald and Le Greco, can be linked to the expressionist tendency). User: 4ing. Source: Edvard Munch  (1863–1944) –Shore with Red House Photo User: Philafrenzy. Source: Franz Marc  (1880–1916) – Grazing Horses IV, Three Red Horses,  1911 … Lire la suite Paint movements: EXPRESSIONISM

The most famous painter of Egypt: Ragheb Ayad

Ragheb Ayad, is the most famous painter of Egypt, born in March 10, 1892 in Cairo. He is one of the leading painters of a generation of Egyptian artists commonly referred to as the pioneers, as they were the first to be trained in art institutions established according to European models. After his primary studies, … Lire la suite The most famous painter of Egypt: Ragheb Ayad