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« Out of logique »

ART and DESIGN My creations (ALOZADE Ahmed) « Out of logique » work created in June 15, 2021 Artistic creation of the lyrical abstract style (in Modern free art). With a metaphysical subject and an emotional energy. The richness of its structure, by the elements, the colors and the movements, touches the unconscious of the observer.….Alozade A. Forbidden to download, copy or use the images in this … Lire la suite « Out of logique »

« Land and environment tangled » , « In the middle of dust » and « A drop on a leaf »

ART and DESIGN My creations 3 works created in May 2021 1) « Land and environment tangled » May 19, 2021 2) « In the middle of dust » May 24, 2021 3) « A drop on a leaf »


« A dominant stain »

ART and DESIGN My creations « A dominant stain » Description : In the art of the lyrical style, the conception of the image is done from afar, to take into account the entire visual system of the work, far from the analyzes of details which have meaning only in the whole. .Thus, the creation produced by my free imagination, presents emotions, sensations, feelings, and tastes; … Lire la suite « A dominant stain »


« Memories fading away »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Memories fading away » Description : The living space, which dominates our thoughts and consumes most of our time and energy, is actually a very small part of the physical and psychological universe.Each universe is infinite and hierarchical in our eyes, with a harmonious mixture of image and time.It is the psychophysical discipline that I tried to introduce, in this … Lire la suite « Memories fading away »

« The cold produces the abstract » by ALOZADE A.

Description: « The cold produces the abstract » is an artistic work of the lyrical abstract style, where the free imagination of the artist invents the design system in a subject or metaphisical concept.Here I have analyzed the mechanism of nature, when she invents unusual designs. I did not copy the image (like a photographer or a classical painter) but I imagined the whole, with its … Lire la suite « The cold produces the abstract » by ALOZADE A.


New work on Artmajeur

My artistic creation New work on Artmajeur « A rock with a red reflection » by ALOZADE Ahmed « A rock with a red reflection » is an impressive painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its rich natural subject matter (mountains, peaks, snow, sky, clouds, rocks, glaciers, colors, …), its step-by-step depth, its reflections of light and its homogeneous colors.This artistic creation, neo-realistic, presents a balanced … Lire la suite New work on Artmajeur


« Woody unconscious »

My artistic creations « Woody unconscious» by ALOZADE Ahmed « Wooded unconscious » is an artistic creation of the abstract expressionist style.Its subject: the contradictions between the surface and the deep don’t stop at the colors, they also affect the forms, the movements and the reactions. this does not prevent dynamic interactions between the elements and the stages of the same system.One can imagine the thought system … Lire la suite « Woody unconscious »


« The red window »

My artistic creations « The red window » by ALOZADE Ahmed « The red window », is an artistic creation, of Contemporary Art, of the semi-abstract style, with an impressionist technique.Its subject: An abstract image born from a free imagination, where many elements attract real criteria hidden deep in our memory. Thus, the work activates our imagination, while its technique provokes our emotions. The number of copies is … Lire la suite « The red window »


« It defies nature »

My artistic creations « It defies nature » by ALOZADE Ahmed « It defies nature » is a painting of abstract expressionism; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its subject of the free imagination; It is created with elements that have minimal relation to real nature, but it retains the attraction, harmony and charm of natural elements (which each spectator will be able to perceive as … Lire la suite « It defies nature »


My two recent artistic creations (Theme The moon)

My artistic creations My two recent artistic creations (Theme The moon) 1) « Lunar charm » Recent scientific research informs us that the colors, white, gray, black, that we look at on the face of the moon, hide very beautiful colors in the ground of our beautiful natural satellite.I have seen actual photos of the moon’s surface (published by NASA). Astonished, I decided to create an … Lire la suite My two recent artistic creations (Theme The moon)


« Hope is the source » by ALOZADE A.

My artistic creations « Hope is the source » by ALOZADE Ahmed « Hope is the source » is a neo-realistic painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its imaginary natural subject created with real elements (sky, light, forest, water, earth …). This work attracts with its depths, its luminous reflections, its charming colors and its impressionist brushstrokes.This book clearly presents a physical and psychic environment that … Lire la suite « Hope is the source » by ALOZADE A.