Catégorie : Creations for commerce

« The red window »

My artistic creations « The red window » by ALOZADE Ahmed « The red window », is an artistic creation, of Contemporary Art, of the semi-abstract style, with an impressionist technique.Its subject: An abstract image born from a free imagination, where many elements attract real criteria hidden deep in our memory. Thus, […]

YOU, Art lovers

Especially for you My art on North American productions (Montreal) Here With a single gesture: You encourage Contemporary Art You encourage your artist who creates works You get rare and exceptional clothes You will find a charming gift (or gift card) for your loved ones You can benefit […]

Notice to all my friends

Notice to all my friends Here is my surprise at the end of 2020, clothes with great art, for those who love artistic beauty. I offer you some samples of the dresses decorated with my works.You can see the complete collection at: The collection here I appreciate […]

Notice to all my friends from Canada

My friends from Canada On July 1, 2020, Canadians will have their national holiday: CANADA DAY.On this occasion, I wish you a beautiful and happy holiday.I have prepared several illustrations at the request of the image sites.But for you, my friends, I specially prepared a beautiful illustration, I […]

My art to wear

My art to wear I am pleased to announce that one of my digital works has attracted the attention of Curators of Le Galeriste and has been adapted to a selection of clothing and fashion accessories. I invite you to take a look now at the cardigan, dress, […]

My new artistic experience (2)

My new artistic experience (2) This month (November 2019) I started an experiment to create digital artistic works for the clothing industry. Here are my first 7 creations: click to enlarge Christmas snow Purple feelings   Violet Planet Movements in the heat Gentle movements Dance with the balls […]