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Photos of my country. Moroccan crafts

Photos of my country (20): Moroccan crafts Since crafts in general constitute a reference to a civilization, an art and a culture of an entire nation. Moroccan craftsmanship also reflects an enormous heritage and has especially an important cultural and human value. Moroccan craftsmanship is the legacy of […]

Theater in ruins

Picture of my country Gran Teatro Cervantes, Tanger My photo has a historical value. This monument – now- forgotten was the largest theater in North Africa during the first half of the 20th century. The great Cervantes Theatre (Gran Teatro Cervantes) in the city of Tangier (north of Morocco) […]

Early spring in Morocco

Photos of my country Early spring in Morocco I took these few photos – for you my friends – in the suburbs of my city, during this month of March. It is the beginning of the spring in Morocco (Temperature max 19 ° min 10 °): Personal photos […]

Roman monuments in Morocco

Photos of my country Roman monuments in Morocco The North of Morocco, formerly called « Mauretania Tingitane », had known the installation of the Roman Empire from the first century. Plutard, it passes under direct Roman administration, until the 5th century. Roman civilization has left many monumental and archaeological traces […]

Photos of my country

CAFE LHAFA I present my photos, from a beautiful corner, where the wonderful panoramic view. Here the cafe (known as Café « Lhafa » – which means the slope – created in 1921 to the north of the city of Tangier) extends on terraces « in stairs » on a slope giving […]