A beautiful Spanish town: Cartagena

Cartagena is a small city in southern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast (216,000 inhabitants). The city of Cartagena was founded by the Carthaginian Hasdrubal the Handsome in 227 BC. J.-C.Cartagena, which was an important mining center (Pomb, silver, Zinc), today benefits from its naval and petrochemical industries and its agricultural activities (olive oil, vegetables, fruits, … Lire la suite A beautiful Spanish town: Cartagena

Travel in 2021: PORTIMÃO

Best Places To Travel In 2021 Beautiful cities PORTIMÃO (South of Portugal) Portimão is a port city and a tourist and sports center. Its population is 60,000 inhabitants. Its climate is Mediterranean (Temperature this week 21 ° c / 11 ° c) Image of title, source: flickr / Joao Alves