The digital painting (painting) is a form of painting in which digital tools are applied instead of traditional techniques (pencil, oil paint, charcoal, impasto acrylics) .The canvas, brushes, colors, rags, gums, … are applied using digital software in a computer skills (PC, tablet, …); creations downloaded and printed.
The digital painting is used by professional and amateur artists to create digital artwork (Drawing, Painting, etc …); As practiced by technical professionals to meet the visual demands of the market, such as illustrations, rear-scenes and designs used by economic activities (production of video games, television programs, cartoons, advertisements, decorative themes, … ..etc).

To begin


After watching beautiful digital paintings of artists; Most of you asks: why not me?
The question is legitimate, you can imagine digital artist, amateur or professional, and you can begin the first steps tonight. BUT you must have some requirements, including:
1) You must have a love of colors, paintings, photographs, illustrations, figures, landscapes, modes … .as ART, not just as decoration.
2) You must have a drawing of « primary » experience of several years (not less than 10 years) .. (your brain always keeps your tastes, your feelings, your joys … that you experienced during childhood practices … they will be your artistic intuitions)
3) You must have a study or a technical course of painting « classic » (not less than one year) .Car these are the techniques you’ll practiced, but with the new computer tools.
4) You must have a strong ambition to BE someone, no POSSESSION wealth. The Eternal Art is never the right path of wealth (same effort, the same energy, same time, same budget … will give you a lot of money in economic activity quickly ..and).
5) You must have sufficient SPACES to practice it, isolate, create, store, archive and publish … I’m talking about several areas: time slot, surface area, budget space, computer Download Area … and psycho-social area.
If you have these conditions, be the (la) welcome (e) in the next section to read the main stages … .You will one day DIGITAL ARTIST.
« The computer creates nothing, it is the creation of the artist »



You decided to practice digital painting? you have conditions? Bravo.

Now you need to …:

Visit the largest exhibition of digital painting, especially in specialized sites (in thousands) .You notice topics, themes, colors, lines, shapes, and emotions to each table.
Make your first choices (follow your skills, your tastes, your personality, your favorite subjects, and ambitions): What do you prefer? pencils or paintbrushes? black-white or color? sweet, hot or shocking? Real (Nature, portraits, architecture, objects, …) or abstract (blurry subjects, movement, geometric, spots, lines, …)? personal, decorative or commercial? [You can try several options before choosing]
choose your hardware (tablet, software, printer, external hard drive, USB, …). To make these choices must consider the broader market on the net and always start with the easy and cheap (everything will come later). Keep your classic drawing materials (especially pencils, eraser, drawing paper) close to you, you will need.
Make technical training -with the help of a teacher, net video courses, or search engines – to become familiar with your equipment and organize your workspace and your tablet screen.
Draw primitive where drafts are in lines, geometric shapes, colored spots, mixtures, points, writes by hand …….. repeat, repeat, repeat …… hundreds drafts.
Now you master the technique, you know where each tool is, you have your artistic choices … Let’s meet the next item

« I started with the famous Paint and free software in a single PC, I now keep as souvenirs »     ALOZADE

DIGITAL PAINTING; Simplifications for you (1)




These are a simplified technical explanation for readers, enthusiasts and beginners to the digital painting:
All professional cartoonists and painters know well and necessarily use LAYERS. People watching an artistic creation can not imagine (except rarely) the floors layers that contains creation.
Layers are superimposed layers of an image. The painter must necessarily imagine before starting work.
The painter imagine its layers by using the analysis of objects, spaces, color blends, and relations between the « story » of the final image.
In all software painting is an option called « layers ».
Layers are used to create « layers » in paper (digital) transparent that one can superimpose, change the order or cancel.
The painter works on each layer by watching other layers or imagining it.
Do a little test:

1.I open the first layer, I draw a shape:

calq 1


2.I open the second layer of paint the dark side.

calq 2

  1. I open the third layer I paint the bright side.

calq 3

  1. I opened the fourth layer I paint inside the red tube.

calq 4

  1. I opened the fifth layer to draw black and rigid limits.

calq 5

a) I close all; I open the layers 1 and 2 provide that:

calq 1+2

b) I added the 3:

calq 1+2+3

c) I added the 4:

calq 1+2+3+4

d) I added the 5:

calq 1+2+3+4+5

The image of the object is almost real.
e) I added a layer below (zero) to paint the gray background.

calq 1+2+3+4+5+0

f) I end my little table to create a round window (using gum in 5 layers) where one can see the gray background ; I give a few alterations and I sign the table.

Les Calques

Our small table facilitates your understanding of the technical layers.