Want a free logo ?

Here’s how to request a logo for your website

I offer my friends an opportunity to request logos for their websites. The first 5 requests will have a logo for FREE


Write a simple email message, which contains:

1) Your information:

a- EXACT name of your website (be careful with capital letters).
b- Indicate the main subject and the domain of your website.
c- Your full name and country.
d- Your mailbox.

2) Your choices:

a- Which model among the images of logos on my article, you liked ?
b- What color do you prefer ? (only 1, 2, 3 or 4 no more)
c- What type of writing do you prefer ?
d- What shape do you prefer ? (portrait, square or landscape)
e- Do you have anything special to add ?

Model 1

Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 6

You send the message to my email account: alozadea@gmail.com

You will receive the first creation; you give me your correction choices.
You will receive the second creation; you give me your opinion.
If necessary, I improve the creation, to send you the final image.