An old man stopped walking on a sidewalk
A bird darted above his head from behind
He murmurs
All men are born to live in peace for happiness
True destiny

A little about me…



Artist amateur specialty: Digital Painting.
university research scientist, I test to enjoy my experience in classical drawing for years, my technical training and -aussi- my scientific, methodological, psycho-philosophical choose my themes my features and my colors .
68 years old, I live in Casablanca – Morocco.

about my blog

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Welcome to my blog for lovers of art in general, and specifically PAINTING.

I present THE DIGITAL PAINTING in three categories of products (see menu):

1) DIGITAL PAINTING; What’s this ? : Articles that explain to the public and beginners amateurs definitions bases, the basic techniques, trends, prospects, ….. this new painting.

2) DIGITAL TABLES; My paintings: « historic » Catalogue of my creations (by date of creation), I present the picture of each table followed by an article that explains the conditions, characters, ideas, styles, methods, choices … and the name of this table.

3) Photos of my country Morocco: It is a catalog of my personal photos published to assess the photographic art based paint; And enjoy my beautiful country that always helps me in the artistic imagination; with pictures, colors, sun, and civilization

I think-with your support – add more categories to be more useful to my dear visitors and subscribers.

+ I just added the first article in a series I call « Offside »; Islands are small items flash, which give my opinion on subjects far Art (main topic of my blog) .24.6 / 2016

my creations :

My 20th picture

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Verdure souillée

My 19th picture

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My 18th picture


This table mid-digital abstract is based on pro-artistic questions:

artistic beauty, she is in front of the eye or in the eye?
The eye looks at the real or abstract?
What charm attracts us most, of the eye or image in the eye?
Everyone can have their personal responses to this table.

Technical keys are attractive.

Alozade calls this painting « Who watches that? »

Thank you for letting me your opinion, and proposals to change the name of the table:

My 17th picture

Mon 17e Nuages de vie

I will be very happy if you leave me your comments, your questions, your comments, your suggestions, requests, and encouragement. thank you in advance.

A digital abstract painting, even if the first appearance makes believe that he is real.
It is a product of deep imagination which used real elements to form a non-realistic system .A system which represents a figurative concert: LIFE.
Life is never clear calm blanche.Elle is full of clouds that are multi-platform, multi-colored, multi-energy, multi-level, … ..Ces clouds Causes emotions, feelings, and reactions very varied.
The line of life continues its path into the unknown; as sources of light energies.
The bright colors gather visual beauty, emotional harmony, and fear before the Human grandiose and complexity of life.
Alozade called this painting « Clouds of life »

« In front of an abstract creation, everyone has access to his personal subject » Alozade A.

Thank you for letting me your opinion, and proposals to change the name of this painting:

My 16th picture

Mon 16e

A beautiful digital-painting abstract painting
The basic subject of this painting is « reality Floors »
Y in the picture a ball that reflects an almost real image (with change of direction, dimensions and shapes ..d’objets)
Y as a set of nebulous shapes that give the impression of birth of indeterminate objects; in a blue climate and « happy. » (We guess here but we see nothing clear)
Y also a large space where there Cloudy mystery bright and warm colors. Here there at no clearly defined objects or imagined. It is the quiet and majestic space.
Y at the bottom another black unlimited space, where we only see the point .In this space dominates the lack of clarity which makes visibility almost zero real.
The natural truth and logic indicates that the actual truth is never ideal and the lived reality is only one set of these floors (so the entire table).
Table very homogeneous, attractive, lovable psycho-visually.
Alozade called this painting « What reality?  »

My 15th picture

Mon 15e

 An abstract painting that has an almost real scheme:
large spaces which follow from the bottom up and smell know the objects we feel know (like: liquid, solid, space, emissions, bubbles, currents, flying, rashes ….) ; But without a realistic structure that will make it all a natural living system definable your imagination to define what you see!
The colors change to attract conflicting emotions, keeping the visual beauty of this digital painting.
Alozade called this painting « Agitation & Hope ».

My 14th picture

Mon 14e

An abstract digital creation, full of imagination, where there are three different levels:
Central level: Area of agitation and irritation, where each viewer can see in it a thing or a phenomenon associated with his memory and feelings.
nebulous level: discreet and fuzzy region, where one feels that there is « some things » and some « movements and flows »; without being able to have a clear imagination.
Base level: infinite Region, dark, and scary.
Table inspired by real and universal life, will face no real .It why it causes psychological sensations indeterminate (mixture of fear and hope).
Alozade called this painting « Hope & Nebulous »


My 13th picture

Mon 13e

This picture of the digital painting is a return to the splendid NATURE and the real.
This table shows the bio-climatic floors, which follow from the bottom up.
It is a natural reality (and scientific); But it is also a Socio-economic-cultural reality. Each « floor » has its characters, its conditions, its drawbacks, its proportions « pure air », its beauties, its difficulties, its colors, its clouds and its secrets.
The colors chosen are strictly « natural » features and the lights change according to conditions.
A beautiful artistic picture, which will also serve the lovers of the beautiful breathtaking scenery.
Alozade called this painting « Floors & Summit »


My 12th picture

mon 12e

A mid-table abstract inspired by a reality (His aspects are sediments of a trip I made to the Rhamna region -150 km north of Marrakech, is a semi-arid region of low density inhabitants, very low economic output, very stony ground, folded rocks with age of 500 milions of years, yellowish clear sky, … Cactus country)
The panelbuilders techniquement- is distinguished by its special colors, softness, and some impressive details difficult to achieve in the digital painting.
Alozade called this painting « Rhamna »


My 11th picture

mon 11e

A beautiful abstract painting.
The main idea of the creation of digital painting is: « The fuzzy spaces. » We live in several areas at the same time, they are all, of overlap; all confused; all polluted; all indeterminate; Representatives of all reality « relative ».
The technique has a desire to shock, all giving a good dose of colors beauties, uniformity, glare, of brush strokes ….
It is a picture that provokes the imagination and feelings, which creates an atmosphere around him, who does not accept being neglected.
Alozade called this painting « Milieu & Red »


My 10th picture

Mon 10e

After a series of abstract paintings (and semi-abstract) This is a return to real life with this beautiful painting of Sublimity up living objects (here the tree) and non-living (here the mountain) towards the far top where freedom, infinity, and light.
The harmonious and joyful colors are very natural.
The features are more sensual, more gentle in the cloud and more rigid zones in rocky areas, hard and clear.
Table digital does not hide his membership in the Naturalism, Isolationism and ambitious.
Alozade called this table: « High & Light »


My 9th picture

mon 9e

Naturelle & Claire

This is the fourth -and dernier- digital picture in the series of « fly balls ».

It keeps the foundations of ideas; Its theme: The « mid-abstract » that stimulates the imagination .Its main subject: Contradiction of clarity, freedom, joy, and hope; with Mystery, misty, mysterious, frightening and dangerous
NATURAL contradiction, does not prevent interactions that produce a third reality (bottom) and do not hide a fourth infinite reality (further up).
The lines sometimes become hard to represent the hardness of the reliefs and the environment; and give the painting its criteria of « painting ».
Alozade called this painting « Nature & Claire »


My 8th picture

Mon 8e

Claire & Fond

This is another way of representing the same style and the same ideas of the 7th digital table.

Here I added in creating phenomena: interference and interaction of objects with their environments.

space backlog is more astrological – one can imagine « seaman » – where it’s always dark, fear, motion blur … .tandis round objects that keep their shine, their structures, multicolored reflections and « joy ».

Alozade called this painting « clear &  bottom  »

My 7th picture

Mon 7e

Claire & Sombre

A beautiful abstract painting .It my second digital creation that represents these multicolored round objects that « swim » in the infinity astrological space.

the background causes the universal imagination where forms nebulae directly affect our .Tandis sensations that Multi-size object systems assure us and provoke us with their traits, their colors and light reflections.

It really is a table that gives joy and fear, limited and unlimited, absolute quiet and absolute clear …

(I chose this picture–bijou to the header of my blog)

Alozade called this painting « Clear & Dark »

My 6th picture

mon 6e

Rondes & Volontes

Abstract purely beautiful picture. Its basic idea is astronomical, it’s unlimited space where freedom of movement, round shapes, the scale of sizes, lights that cross the eternal darkness … and beautiful colors.

This is my first digital painting of four using spatial objects round.

Alozade called this painting « Round & Flying ».

My 5th picture

Mon 5e

Decorative painting, where a real natural object (Granada) comes together with a soft abstract background.

the colors reflect the uniform and sweet useful Nature.

It was a good experience in the category of realistic digital drawing, with its fine features, his non-geometric shapes, slippery surfaces, its complicated light reflections …

Alozade calls this painting « Beautiful Useful »


My 4th picture

Mon 4e


I based this digital creation of an idea that I can call SEMI-ABSTRACT: objects are « almost » recognized but we can not know them.

In this table are 3 stages which follow one another with a hidden energy that flows and connects the three levels.

Alozade called this painting « vivacious & clear »

My 3rd picture

Mon troisième

It is a digital creation based on a philosophical idea:
Every living system (being, company, city, …) consists of visible and observable space; and underground space (more trembling) you can feel after a few criteria or holes.
Life results from the interaction between the two spaces.
objects, colors and mixtures are chosen to present the theme and keep the artistic beauty.
Alozade called the « Sub »

My 2nd picture

Mon deuxieme

It was a rough training that I liked to keep as a friendly creation.
simple table of digital features that move forming paths that cross.
Alozade called the « lines ».

My 1st picture

Mon premier

My first digital creation on my PC  (April 26, 2016)- after years of drawings and Workouts-. it is an abstract painting that contains a uniform set of lines and colors.
I tried to give « the » deep succeeding causing a pseudo intuition of the birth of an object or an inexplicable phenomenon.
Table keeps its role of simple, quiet and artistic beauty.
I can name the « peaceful rise »,

I expected proposals (1 received).




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