RULES: Write a post to accept this nomination. Thank the person who nominated you and mention their blog link. List 7 things about yourself. Mention the links of the blogs you further nominate. Notify the recipients of their award. Post these rules again. I thank Khadija for this […]

My 38th painted picture

My 38th picture of painting, is an interaction, a real natural object in an abstract system, to complicate the mechanism imagination of the observer. Technically, it is a mixture of three technical and three color families. Methodically, there a lot of creativity in this painting, I realized during […]

Creativity Challenge

Hi my dear friends bloggers. Thank you very much Fab Writings nominating me for this challenge … I acepted and loved much, the challenge is a wonderful blog posts with its good and beautiful images. Watch a creation of Fab Writings in this challenge: Rules: Thank the person […]

Quotes Challenge

Hello wonderful bloggers and friends I’ve been nominated for the quotes challenge… Yeah, you heard it right. I love quotes because I love how few words hold such a beautiful and life changing message behind them. One Quote may not be the best thing but it is surely […]