Sculptures not very famous (7)


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ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous (7) I HAVE SOUGHT, IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES, ARTISTIC BEAUTIES, NOT VERY CELEBRATED; THIS IS WHAT I FOUND FOR YOU: Fountains Square, Baku, Azerbaijan Author: Urek Meniashvili. Source: This is a statue … Lire la suite

Warsaw, Poland


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ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Cities ( 11 )  Warsaw, Poland Bellotto View of Warsaw from the Royal Castle.1 January 1773 Venetian painter in Warsaw. Musée du Louvre Author: Stéphane Loire, Hanna Małachowicz, Andrzej Rottermund. Source: The suburb of Krakow … Lire la suite

Fourth exercise in digital painting


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Why not you? Simplifications for you (6) THESE ARE SOME TECHNICAL EXPLANATION SIMPLIFIED FOR READERS, ENTHUSIASTS AND BEGINNERS OF THE DIGITAL PAINTING. Fourth exercise in digital painting Harmony of colors It is a key concept in artistic painting (and in aesthetic fields). … Lire la suite

The beauty of astronomical space


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ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU The beauty of astronomical space From the earth to the bottom of the universe Earth (Italy), view of International Space Station, Space Author: skeeze. Source: The lights of cities on earth, in its dark … Lire la suite

My 63th painting: « Collision of nuances »


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My 63th painting   TITLE PAINTING: Collision of nuances ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: My dear friends. A purely abstract creation, in which I presented a play of colors, in a homogeneous and beautiful system, despite that it encompasses the extremes … Lire la suite

Theater in ruins

Picture of my country

Gran Teatro Cervantes, Tanger


My photo has a historical value. This monument – now- forgotten was the largest theater in North Africa during the first half of the 20th century.

The great Cervantes Theatre (Gran Teatro Cervantes) in the city of Tangier (north of Morocco) was built between 1911 and 1913 by Esperanza Orellana, her husband Manuel Peña and the owner Antonio Gallego.

The ruined theater had 1400 seats to accommodate the population of Tangier Moroccan and all nationalities worldwide (especially Spanish, English, French, Americans, Germans, …) because the city was under international administration.

The ruined theater, received the great works of Antonio Machin, Manolo Caracol, Lola Flores, Pepe Marchena and Juanito Valderrama, Carmen Sevilla, Imperio Argentina, María Caballé, Catalina Berreño, Enrico Caruso, Estrellita Castro … and other great artists.

The ruined theater is owned by the Spanish State, which should strengthen efforts to save this historic monument.



[ The old picture theater copied from:




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A MASTERPIECE, IN THE HISTORY OF PAINTING (9) Description of the painting TITLE PAINTING:  A ball At the Mill of Pancake THEME: Realism (The scene, lit by a light that passes through the leaves, takes place at the « moulin de la galette », … Lire la suite

My 37th painted picture


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My 37th painting « undefined » This is my 37th  Painting ( Created on 26 August 2016);  is a bright abstract. I hope it active, strong, your imagination and your emotions. I call this creative painting « undefined » Je vous présente mon37e tableau … Lire la suite