« The three systems »


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« The three systems »

Created on July 14, 2021

« The three systems » (7/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed
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The charming little country MOLDOVA

Best Places To Travel In 2021

The charming little country MOLDOVA

The FlaveDor business uses drones and GIS data to digitize the vineyard inspection process. ( Image source: flickr / USAID Digital Development )

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, its area does not exceed 33,851 km2, its population is around 3 million inhabitants.
Moldova is famous for its forests, rocky hills, wine regions, 30 nature reserves, historic citadels and National History Museum.
The Republic of Moldova proclaimed its independence on August 27, 1991.
Its capital: Chișinău

Near Cruzesti Village (Image source: flickr / V.L.)
Dacia Boulevard, Chisinau city (Image source: flickr / V.L.)
Monastery town (Image source: flickr / Guttorm Flatabø)
Condrița monastery (Image source: de.wikipedia / Pudelek )
Cliffs of Orheiul Vechi ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Dave Proffer )
Moldavians dressed in traditional costume dance during opening ceremony of The National Wine Festival in Chisinau  ( Image source: omgnews.today / REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Image of title, source: Ion Chibzil, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói

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The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Museu_de_Arte_Contemporânea_by_Diego_BaravelliAuthor:Diego Baravelli  . Source: fr.wikipedia.org

The Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Niterói, in the Boa Viagem district, opposite the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer assisted by the engineer Bruno Conrini. The construction of the museum lasted five years, to open in 1996. The building is 16 meters high, its dome has three levels with a diameter ranging from 18 to 20 meters. The whole is raw concrete painted in pure white. Around the museum, a square of 2,500 m2 is arranged to allow clear the silhouette of the building.
The resolutely futuristic flying saucer, similar to a UFO, is placed on a cliff that ends with a beach.      


Author:Marinelson Almeida  . Source: flickr.com

3215826468_497fbed4df_bAuthor:Rodrigo Soldon . Source: flickr.com

18496285193_8ecd6d30d9_kAuthor:Marinelson Almeida  . Source: flickr.com

3215484528_7427e00a3e_bAuthor:Rodrigo Soldon . Source: flickr.com

Modern and contemporary Brazilian painting:

Tarsila do Amaral Self-portrait with orange dress,  1921

Author:Banco Central do Brasil. Source: flickr.com


Emiliano di Cavalcanti – Reclining Nude with Fish and Fruit [1956]

Author: Gandalf’s Gallery. Source: flickr.com


 Candido Portinari, Tiradentes, 1948

Author: Samuel Kassapian Jr. Source: flickr.com & commons.wikimedia.org


Beatriz Milhazes – Succulent Eggplants [1996]

Author: Gandalf’s Gallery. Source: flickr.com

Image of title, source: flickr / Rodrigo Soldon

Best island To Travel In 2021: Koh Samui

Best Places To Travel In 2021

Beautiful islands

Koh Samui island

Koh Samui is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, located in the province of Surat Thani, in the south of Thailand. The island is nicknamed the « Pearl of the China Sea »; Its surface area 252 km2; Its populaion 63,000 inhabitants; Its center, which rises to 635 meters, is covered with a hostile mountain jungle; Its main town, Nathon, is a fishing port.

Photo source : commons.wikimedia . Author: Mark Stepanov

Koh Samui has become a small tropical paradise, which attracts vacationers seeking sun, beach, partying and water sports. The island reveals charming and relatively calm corners, especially in the northeast and the south. Koh Samui also allows beautiful getaways to virgin islands, such as Ko Angthong, Ko Phan Ngan and Ko Tao.

 Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park ( Photo source : commons.wikimedia . Author: Wouter Rooijakkers )

With its quiet bays, its adorable sandy beaches, its authentic fishing villages, its beautiful coconut groves, its lush vegetation, still intact, its seaside resorts with a relaxed atmosphere … Koh Samui will suit families, vacationers in search of nautical activities, festivals and exoticism and to travelers in search of tranquility.

Photo source: michaeltyler.co.uk
Photo source : flickr . Author: Linus Mak
Bungalows on Koh Samui ( Photo source : flickr . Author: Joe Stump )

Rare images of Liverpool

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Rare images of Liverpool

located in the North West of England

Liverpool City Hall from Castle Street (Image source: flickr / Terry Kearney)
(Image source: flickr / Roy)
Albert Dock (Image source: flickr / James F Clay)
in Hope Street (Image source: flickr / quisnovus)
Liverpool River Festival (Image source: flickr / Ruth_W)
(Image source: flickr / Juan Enrique Gilardi)
The Beatles statue at the Pier Head (Image source: flickr / Roy)

Image of tityle, source: flickr / Su Burning

Travel In 2021: GRAZ

Best Places To Travel In 2021

Beautiful cities

GRAZ city

Murinsel and Schloßberg with clock tower (Image source: hu.wikipedia / Ralf Roletschek)

GRAZ (called garden city), is a beautiful city in Austria (300,000 inhabitants), built in the Middle Ages, on the river Mur. It is famous for its green hills, its old town, its museums, its theaters, and its four universities.

Hauptplatz [= main square] (Image source: de.wikipedia / Michael Stiedl)
Schlossberg hill (Image source: en.wikipedia / KarlN)
Center of Molecular Biosciences (Image source: flickr / Bernd Thaller)
Image source: flickr / Ann HS.
Image source: flickr / Heather Cowper

Image of title, source: flickr / Daniel Thornton

Rare images of Madagascar

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Rare images


Image source: flickr / leotsak
Image source: flickr / Steve Evans
Image source: flickr / Aleix Cabarrocas Garcia
Image source: flickr / Etienne
baobab trees (Image source: flickr / Steve Evans)
Chameleon (Image source: flickr / Rod Waddington)

Image of title, source: flickr / Etienne

Firmin-Girard: The artist of the smallest details


Great painting artists

François-Marie Firmin-Girard

François-Marie Firmin-Girard, is a French painter, born May 29, 1838 in Poncin and died January 8, 1921 in Montluçon

« Marriage in Extremis » (?) by Marie-François Firmin-Girard

He undertakes the classic course to become a painter: He follows the teaching of the Imperial School of Drawing, before joining, at the age of 16, the Gleyre workshop and being admitted, the same year, to the School of Fine Arts.
He was only 21 years old when he exhibited his first canvas, in history painting, with which he attracted the attention of the public authorities (the state orders many paintings for churches in France).

« Sunday in Bas-Meudon » (1884) by Marie-François Firmin-Girard

Image Source: commons.wikimedia

Since the 1860s he has experimented with other kinds of subjects and styles, naturalist-inspired, impressionist, and plein-air painting, so he turns to Salons and the art market.
He opens a parenthesis with some exotic paintings of Japanese, Orientalist and Italian inspiration, with special success in works of flowers and women.

« Flower Seller on the Pont Royal » (1872) by Marie-François Firmin-Girard

Image Source: commons.wikimedia

From 1890, Firmin Girard became more and more a naturalist with a series of landscape works.
Abandoning the impressionist touch, Firmin Girard particularly distinguished himself in a hyperrealism reproducing with meticulous care the smallest details.

« The Crozet waterfall » (1875) by Marie-François Firmin-Girard

Image source: baidu / feng.ifeng.com

« The flower dock » (before 1921) by Marie-François Firmin-Girard

Image Source: commons.wikimedia

Image of title, source: baidu / feng.ifeng.com

Best islands to travel in 2021: KRK

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Best Places To Travel In 2021

Beautiful islands

KRK island

In Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea

A view down to the beach from the coast road around Krk, near the town of Stara Baska (Image source: baidu / williamhortonp….com)
Image source: baidu / www.charter-catama….com
Image source: flickr / Jeff and Neda Fields
Beach of Baska city ( Image source: flickr / bferi)
Frankopan Castle ( Image source: flickr / fabcom )
Hotel Malin and the beaches in Malinska ( Image source: flickr / Yacht-Ren )

Image of title, source: flickr / Yacht-Rent 

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« The river is quieter than the sky »


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« The river is quieter than the sky »

Created on July 05, 2021

« The river is quieter than the sky » (7/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed
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Do you know this asian city ?

Beauty images, for you

Do you know this asian city ?

Image source: flickr / Chris Price
Image source: flickr / Ninara
Image sourcve: baidu / big5.xinhuanet
Image source: baidu / sat7usa.org
Image source: flickr / Ninara
Image source: flickr / Paul

Image of title, source: voyages.photo

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KRK island (2)

Krk Port (Image source: flickr / Shawn Harquail)
Image source: flickr / Cheryl
Image source: baidu / www.agoda.com
Image source: flickr / Eddy
Njivice city (Image source: flickr / Otto Rapp)

Image of title, source: baidu / www.agoda.com