Rare images of Luxembourg

Beauty images, for you

Rare images of Luxembourg

Image source: flickr / InternetAgeTraveler
Image source: flickr / Aleksandr Zykov
Image source: flickr / Wilson Loo Kok Wee
Bonnevoie district (Image source: flickr / David Wilson)
Luxembourg train station (Built between 1907 and 1913 in the Moselle neo-baroque style. The modern part – on the right – was added in 2006) (Image source: flickr / Krzysztof D.)
Image source: flickr / Cristian Bortes http://www.eyeem
Grand Duchess Charlotte (Image source: flickr / Heather Cowper)
Schueberfouer (the biggest funfair in Luxembourg, every end of August) (Image source: flickr / nmatiny)

« Other universe »


My creations

« Other universe »

Created on June 23, 2021

« Other universe » (2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed
« Other universe » (details)
« Other universe » (details)

I always imagine my painting as a « system » which contains elements of all kinds, relationships of all kinds, feelings of all kinds, wars of all kinds, energies that come in, energies that go out, clear horizons optimistic, pessimistic dark horizons …. The system is still a single and limitless world.
It is the gathering of physics, geography, history, environment, astronomy, and socio-psychology.
The feedback from creation is surely: Attraction, Seduction, and …. questions.
This is my artistic spirit………

Forbidden to download, copy or use the images in this post; All rights reserved

Travel in 2021: The most beautiful beaches

Travel in 2021

The most beautiful beaches

My dear friends

At the beginning of summer, I sought for you, the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I hope you like and find you pleasure.


Pednvounder beach from treen cliff, Cornwall, UK

Author:Jim Champion. Source: commons.wikimedia.org


A view of the island of s’Espalmador between Ibiza and Formentera.Spain

Author: Coniferous. Source: en.wikipedia.org


Parque Nacional Islas Marietas

The Marieta Islands are an uninhabited archipelago near the coast of Nayarit, Mexico

Author: Christian Frausto Bernal. Source: commons.wikimedia.org


The beach on Island of Espiritu Santo, Gulf of California, Mexico

Author: Sam Beebe/Ecotrust. Source: en.wikipedia.org


天橋立 Amanohashidate is one of the three most famous sights of Japan. It is located on Miyazu Bay, north of Kyoto Prefecture

Author: Kentaro Ohno. Source: flickr.com


Pednvounder beachnear Treen, Cornwall, UK

Source: geograph.org.uk 


Amanohashidate Beach, Japan; is a 3.3km long sand spit

Author: soberch. Source: flickr.com 


Fondejador de en Llenès, natural park of s’Albufera des Grau, Balearic Islands, Spain

Author: Discasto. Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Beaches of Central Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada

Author: SparkyLeigh. Source: flickr.com


Wreck Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia

Author: Xicotencatl.Source: Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Beaches of Bora Bora, Pacific Polynesia 

Author: 2il org. Source: flickr.com 


Beach Matira, Bora Bora, Pacific Polynesia 

Author: Mariamichelle. Source: pixabay.com

3878956440_507e17b7c6_b (1)

The beach and palm trees in Bora Bora

Author: Alfredo. Source: flickr.com 

Image of title, source: gtp.gr

Do you know this European city ?

Beauty images, for you

Do you know this European city ?

Image source: flickr / Martin Brummie
Image source: de.wikipedia / Eigenes Werk
Image source: flickr / Sami C
Image source: commons.wikimedia / FaceMePLS
Image source: commons.wikimedia / dalbera
Image source: wikitravel /  Mikel Santamaria
Image source: flickr / Sami C

Image of title, source: flickr / Troy Enekvist

Other photos and answer, here

Travel in 2021: SRI LANKA

Best Places To Travel In 2021

A country


An open museum of natural and human beauties..

Author: studio777 . Source: pixabay

Sri Lanka is an island state located in the south-eastern part of India.
Its population: almost 23 million people.
Area: 65,610 km2
Its capital: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
His big city: Colombo

Author: harshmaurya . Source: pixabay
Author: Anjadora . Source: fr.m.wikipedia
Author: fransoopatrick . Source: pixabay
Author: Dr. M. Sheppard . Source: commons.wikimedia
Author: Paul Kagame (Thank you Mr President) . Source: flickr
Author: Mal B. Source: flickr
Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre in Colombo (Photo author: Dhammika Heenpella . Source: commons.wikimedia)
Drawings of women inside a cave in Sigiriy  (Photo author: David Leo Veksler . Source: flickr)

Do you know this European city (2)

Image source: populationdata.net
Image source: flickr / Maddie
Image source: flickr / Konrad Krajewski

The answer :


The capital of Lithuania (600,000 inhabitants). Founded far from the sea for 700 years, it has grown into a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of architecture, a city of culture and the largest financial center in the Baltic States.

Travel in 2021: COSTA RICA

Puerto Viejo

Best Places To Travel In 2021


a leading country in nature conservation

Arenal Volcano (Image source: flaneurapoitiers.net)

Costa Rica is one of the few countries that protects its flora and fauna well. 1/4 of the country’s surface is declared natural marine or terrestrial protected areas (169 protected areas). Costa Rica is the only country in Central America, and one of the few countries in the world, that has increased its forest area to double in less than 30 years. Forests now cover 40% of the country’s territory, which allows in Costa Rica to position itself as a regional (and global) leader in ecotourism.
Costa rica has a beautiful plant heritage, no less than 10,000 species of plants and trees, in 5 different types of forests:
1) the rainforest, where humidity is permanent
2) the tropical rain forest, where the vegetation is dense and tall.
3) the dry tropical forest, in the region of Guanacaste, which is characterized by a rainy season and a dry season.
4) the cloud forest which is mostly in the mist or the clouds. It is often found in altitude at around 1,500 meters of elevation or more.

A gorgeous waterfall on isla del coco (Image source : commons.wikimedia )
The town and beach of Langosta, Tamarindo and Playa Grande and the Pacific Ocean

Image source : commons.wikimedia / Tamarindowiki

Image source : flickr / Frontierofficial
Image source: flaneurapoitiers.net

Image of title, source : flickr / dconvertini

See 7 more pictures of Costa rica, here

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Let’s look at the details of some great works of painting



Let’s look at the details of some great works of painting

Archduchess Maria Anna (1729), by Andreas Møller (German, 1684 –1762):

Image source: en.wikipedia

Indians Spear Fishing (1862), by Albert Bierstadt  (German _American, 1830–1902) :

Image source: commons.wikimedia

Champs Elysées in Paris (1889), by showChilde Hassam  (american impressionist, 1859–1935) :

Image source: en.wikipedia

Girl at the Piano (1907), by Konrad Krzyżanowski  (Polish expressionist, 1872–1922) :

Image source: en.wikipedia

One Year the Milkweed (1944), by Arshile Gorky (Abstract american, 1904-1948):

Image source: flickr / Cliff

Unimaginable abstract (2020), by ALOZADE Ahmed (Moroccan lyrical abstract, 1948-):

Image source: paintdigi.com

Image of title, source: commons.wikimedi /  AFP/MARC OTTAVI

Travel in 2021: ADELAIDE

Best Places To Travel In 2021

Beautiful cities


Capital city of South Australia

Adelaide-Australia (Image source: en.wikipedia)
Downtown Adelaide (Image source: flickr / Garry Davies)
North Haven (Image source: tripadvisor)
Southport Beach (Image source: victorharbortimes)
Mt Lofty Botanic Garden Lake (Image source: en.wikivoyage / Wanderer)
(Image source: flickr / Beverly Yuen Thompson)
 Victoria square (Image source: flickr / mermaid)

Image of title, source: flickr / Danijel-James Wynyard

Prepare well for your 2021 summer trip

Travel In 2021

Prepare well for your 2021 summer trip

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« Out of logique »


My creations (ALOZADE Ahmed)

« Out of logique »

work created in June 15, 2021

« Out of logique » (6/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed

Artistic creation of the lyrical abstract style (in Modern free art). With a metaphysical subject and an emotional energy. The richness of its structure, by the elements, the colors and the movements, touches the unconscious of the observer.….Alozade A.

3 details of « Out of logique » by ALOZADE Ahmed

Forbidden to download, copy or use the images in this post; All rights reserved

Travel In 2021: Turks and Caicos Islands (2)

Image source: commons.wikimedia / Dameon Hudson
Image source: tropicalmarine.cangialosi.kscopen.org
A Blue Tang and a Squirrelfish in Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park

Image source: en.wikipedia / Tim Sackton – Flickr

Replica of Friendship 7 at Grand Turk Airport

John Glenn takes off on February 20, 1962 in his Friendship 7 capsule (to perform the first manned space mission in which an American astronaut performs an orbital flight) The astronaut loops three turns of the Earth before landing in the Atlantic Ocean , near Grand Turk Island.

Image source : en.wikipedia / Banja-Frans Mulder

Beaches Turks Resort

Image source: flickr / Britt Reints

Image of title, source: flickr / Jared

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