Barbizon school in the history of Art

Great painting artists Barbizon school Source: The Barbizon School (1) refers to a group of landscape painters established around Barbizon, who wanted to work « outdoors and after nature » in the forest of Fontainebleau (2).They are landscape-realists who paint the forest in the open air. Their pictorial impetus […]

Rare images of flowers

Art and neauty images, for you Rare images of flowers In beauty, the creation of nature has no limits Dionaea muscipula: The dionaea muscipula is arguably the most spectacular carnivorous plant. Its distribution is now limited to North Carolina, South Carolina and Quebec. Aristolochia salvadorensis platensis: Aristolochia salvadorensis […]

« The red window »

My artistic creations « The red window » by ALOZADE Ahmed « The red window », is an artistic creation, of Contemporary Art, of the semi-abstract style, with an impressionist technique.Its subject: An abstract image born from a free imagination, where many elements attract real criteria hidden deep in our memory. Thus, […]

« It defies nature »

My artistic creations « It defies nature » by ALOZADE Ahmed « It defies nature » is a painting of abstract expressionism; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its subject of the free imagination; It is created with elements that have minimal relation to real nature, but it retains the attraction, […]