Beautiful beaches of the Europe


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Art and beauty Images, for you  Beautiful beaches of the Europe My dear friends At the  summer, I sought for you, the most beautiful beaches in the world. I hope you like and find you pleasure. Nice  Beach, France Author: rhodesj . … Lire la suite

Asia: Beautiful beaches


Art and beauty Images, for you  Beautiful beaches of Asia Author (2 photos):Ana Raquel S. Hernandes. Source: Havelock beach (Andaman Islands), India Author: rmac8oppo . Source: Author :BORIS G. Source: Lamai Beach, Ko Samui island,  Thailand Author (2 … Lire la suite

Europe: Beautiful beaches


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Art and beauty Images, for you Europe: Beautiful beaches Nice  Beach, France Author: rhodesj . Source: Myrtos Bay, community of Pylaros, on the west coast of Cephalonia, Greece Author: Christos V.   Source: Palanga beach, Lithuania Author: jo.sau  . Source: Costa del … Lire la suite

Four beautiful beaches of South America


Art and beauty Images, for you Four beautiful beaches of South America   1)Punta Del Diablo ( Uruguay ): Author: Marcelo Campi  . Source: Author: jbntt . Source: Author: Rabble . Source: 2)Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande Island (Brazil ): Author: Rafael … Lire la suite