Étiquette : artwork 2020

« Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed

My artistic creations « Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed In the ecology – as in the psychic – the elements, the relations and the communications are very complicated, sometimes soft and other times offensive and very energetic. The analytical view of these systems reveals a stratification, subsystems of […]

« Neurons in harmony » – ALOZADE

My artistic creations « Neurons in harmony » Creation day: July 16, 2020 If, in socio-cultural systems, relationships and communications are very complicated, very energetic and very diffuse. The analytical vision of these systems reveals a stratification and reveals concentric sub-systems, some located in dark areas, others in lighted areas.The […]

Artwork at a good price

Are you looking for a beautiful artistic gift? Do you want to receive a painting at your home? Do you like the creations of the artist Alozade and want to encourage them? All with … a good price starting at $ 37.6 (last day of reduction December 31, […]