Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Photo: Property of NASA; within public domain. Source: ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU; Cities(9) :  Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Author: Pasteur. Source: Salt Lake City is a city in the United States, capital of the state of Utah. It was founded in the nineteenth century … Lire la suite SALT LAKE CITY

Irkutsk, Russia

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Cities ( 11 )  Irkutsk, Russia Irkutsk (Иркутск) is a city in Russia, one of the most populous cities of Eastern Siberia (606 137 in 2013).   Just opposite the city, the Irkut River, from which the city takes its name, flows into the river Angara. Original map source: … Lire la suite Irkutsk, Russia

Warsaw, Poland

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Cities ( 11 )  Warsaw, Poland Bellotto View of Warsaw from the Royal Castle.1 January 1773 Venetian painter in Warsaw. Musée du Louvre Author: Stéphane Loire, Hanna Małachowicz, Andrzej Rottermund. Source: The suburb of Krakow (krakowskie przedmiescie) where Chopin lived. Here, in 1767-1768, painted by Bernardo Bellotto. An Italian painter … Lire la suite Warsaw, Poland