« A rock under the waterfall »

« A rock under the waterfall » by ALOZADE Ahmed « A rock under the waterfall » (created on 01 December 2021) is an artistic creation in the style of neorealism (among the styles of modern art).In this creation, I imagined a charming, calm, lively and romantic nature, which I made using impressionist brushes.In this environment, there is a … Lire la suite « A rock under the waterfall »

« Life is good but it is hard »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Life is good but it is hard » Created on November 24, 2021 « Life is beautiful, but difficult » is my latest artistic creation, produced in the style of « neorealism », on a theme that combines two subjects: nature and life.The two subjects have many characteristics in common, they are: the most important … Lire la suite « Life is good but it is hard »

« Jumping from hell to hell »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Jumping from hell to hell » Created on November 18, 2021 “Jumping from Hell to Hell” is an expressionist creation, which uses the trends and techniques of contemporary art. His subject, Surrealist-abstract, is the product of a free imagination, which seeks to provoke memories, sensations and emotions. This artistic creation is … Lire la suite « Jumping from hell to hell »

« Dynamic shapes »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Dynamic shapes » October 27, 2021 « Dynamic forms » is an abstract artistic creation, with criteria of contemporary art. His technique brings together lyrical, expressionism and tachism. His subject, a free imagination, contains the dynamism of systems, the play of light and the warmth of colors. Forbidden to download, copy or use … Lire la suite « Dynamic shapes »

« Pollution coming to the mountains »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Pollution coming to the mountains » Created on September 18, 2021 An artistic creation, in the style of new realism. The environmental subject represents the role of visual pollution that disturbs the viewer of the beautiful image, which represents nature in coordination with habitats and inhabitants.This artistic theme is a small sample … Lire la suite « Pollution coming to the mountains »