My artistic creation: « Unleashing of the pan flute »


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My artistic creation « Unleashing of the pan flute » Description: « Unleashing of the pan flute » is an energetic and dreamy artistic creation. I imagined in this work a complicated structure, with different environmental spaces, which represent several movements of the types … Lire la suite

Figurative work of ALOZADE: « Palm tree of Haut Atlas »


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Figurative work of ALOZADE: b) Neo-realistic catalog: « Palm tree of Haut Atlas«  Description: In a trip to Marrakech (Morocco) and its surroundings, early December 2018, I had great pleasure to watch the beautiful peaks with snow from the mountains of … Lire la suite

The artistic creations of ALOZADE: « Golden tops »


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The artistic creations of ALOZADE: b) Neo-realistic catalog: « Golden tops » Description: In this creation, based on realistic elements of the mountainous nature, I imagined the multicolored reflections of the solar rays on the tops of the mountains. I chose, as … Lire la suite