“Sunset over a building”

“Sunset over a building” (created on January 25, 2022) is an artistic creation in the neo-realist and neo-impressionist style.In this creation, I imagined a landscape of the urban environment, which represents 3 things at once:modern urban planningThe beauty of lightsThe natural spaceIn this work, there is an intersection of lines, backgrounds, lights and colors. Which … Lire la suite “Sunset over a building”

A giant painter in the history of Art: Oskar Kokoschka

ART and DESIGN Great painting artists Oskar Kokoschka Oskar Kokoschka, is an Austrian painter (and writer), born March 1, 1886 in Pöchlarn. He was a good student at the Kunstgewerbeschule (= University of Applied Arts Vienna). At the beginning of the 20th century, he became a mature, professional and famous artist in the city of … Lire la suite A giant painter in the history of Art: Oskar Kokoschka

“The cold produces the abstract” by ALOZADE A.

Description: “The cold produces the abstract” is an artistic work of the lyrical abstract style, where the free imagination of the artist invents the design system in a subject or metaphisical concept.Here I have analyzed the mechanism of nature, when she invents unusual designs. I did not copy the image (like a photographer or a … Lire la suite “The cold produces the abstract” by ALOZADE A.

“Woody unconscious”

My artistic creations « Woody unconscious» by ALOZADE Ahmed “Wooded unconscious” is an artistic creation of the abstract expressionist style.Its subject: the contradictions between the surface and the deep don’t stop at the colors, they also affect the forms, the movements and the reactions. this does not prevent dynamic interactions between the elements and the stages … Lire la suite “Woody unconscious”