The Fiji Islands (2)

Image source : biodataofdrvhp.blogspot Economy: The Fiji Islands, possess one of the most developed economies of the Pacific Islands, with exports of sugar, minerals, fish resources and tourism. User:Matthias Süßen . Source: Author: Maksym Kozlenko / Максим Козленко. Source: Author: Qiliho . Source: Author: Maksym Kozlenko. Source: Civilization: The Fiji Islands are celebrated in by: Culture … Lire la suite The Fiji Islands (2)

Beauty of Fiji Islands

  Fiji Islands Definition: The Republic of Fiji, is a country of Oceania located in the South Pacific Ocean. Total area 18,270 km2. Its population (July 2015) 909 3891 hab. Its capital city and big city: Suva. Vuna Reef, Taveuni, Fiji Author: Tim O’Shea . Source: Situation Source of the original map:Spiridon Ion Cepleeanu / … Lire la suite Beauty of Fiji Islands