Étiquette : impressionism

New work on Artmajeur

My artistic creation New work on Artmajeur « A rock with a red reflection » by ALOZADE Ahmed « A rock with a red reflection » is an impressive painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its rich natural subject matter (mountains, peaks, snow, sky, clouds, rocks, glaciers, colors, …), its […]

My 2 recent semi-realistic creations

My artistic creations My 2 recent semi-realistic creations « The reflections of warm light » is a production of the free imagination, which uses elements from nature to create a surreal and semi-natural structure. Its very energetic elements receive lights with warm reflections which ignites sensations and feelings.Date created: July […]

My latest artistic creations

My latest artistic creations 4 digital creations: Thread: Nature, flowers Style: Impressionism Technique: tachism Prohibited to download these images.   To have a copy click here Blooming thorns_B008 Light tree_B009 Cactus with purple flowers_B010 Crown of thorns_B011