My latest neo-realistic: … »Asian Nature »


My latest neo-realistic Description: « Asian Nature » is an impressive painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its rich and living natural subject (mountains, peaks, sky, cloud, forest, flowers, light …), its depths of 5 stages, its reflections of lights, … Lire la suite

My latest artistic creations


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My latest artistic creations 4 digital creations: Thread: Nature, flowers Style: Impressionism Technique: tachism Prohibited to download these images.   To have a copy click here Blooming thorns_B008 Light tree_B009 Cactus with purple flowers_B010 Crown of thorns_B011  

My 106th painting: « Sunny Mountains »


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My 106th painting TITLE PAINTING: Sunny Mountains  ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: Dear friends Charming artistic creation of an imaginary nature, very romantic with: The Mountains that go away, the multicolored sky, the heights of the reliefs, the trees of the … Lire la suite