My 2 recent semi-realistic creations

My artistic creations My 2 recent semi-realistic creations « The reflections of warm light » is a production of the free imagination, which uses elements from nature to create a surreal and semi-natural structure. Its very energetic elements receive lights with warm reflections which ignites sensations and feelings.Date created: July 27, 2020 To view the original copy, … Lire la suite My 2 recent semi-realistic creations

« Ocean of colors » – ALOZADE

My artistic creations « Ocean of colors » Creation day: July 22, 2020 The movements of water and air, with enormous energy, physical and light, produce beautiful rare colors and exceptional and impressive shapes.This subject is represented, with the help of the free imagination, in a creation of the abstract, expressionist lyrical style, which also contains the … Lire la suite « Ocean of colors » – ALOZADE