“Scratched” by ALOZADE Ahmed

“Scratched” is an artistic creation of the lyrical abstract style. His main subject is the multi-dimensional layers of reality: Emotions inspired by one system hide another stronger, deeper and more emotional system.The work presents an aesthetic, expressionist and very dynamic image, which touches the viewer’s psyche and forces him to react.Creation date: January 14, 2022 … Lire la suite “Scratched” by ALOZADE Ahmed

“A child faced with many realities”

“A child faced with many realities” is an artistic creation of the lyrical Abstract style. Its subject, psycho-philosophical, deals with the very complex situation of Man, during his childhood and youth, in front of the relativity of reality and in front of the multiple systems of analyzing and understanding life. Date created: December 17, 2021 … Lire la suite “A child faced with many realities”

“Dynamic shapes”

ART and DESIGN My creations “Dynamic shapes” October 27, 2021 “Dynamic forms” is an abstract artistic creation, with criteria of contemporary art. His technique brings together lyrical, expressionism and tachism. His subject, a free imagination, contains the dynamism of systems, the play of light and the warmth of colors. Forbidden to download, copy or use … Lire la suite “Dynamic shapes”

“Meteor shower”

ART and DESIGN My creations “Meteor shower” Created on September 29, 2021 “Meteor shower” is artistic creation, in the style of lyrical abstraction, with an astro-metaphysical theme.It presents the interaction of two systems: an expressive system organized by an infinite number of elements, and another more invasive, softer and more homogeneous system.Take a closer look … Lire la suite “Meteor shower”