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My two recent artistic creations (Theme The moon)

My artistic creations My two recent artistic creations (Theme The moon) 1) « Lunar charm » Recent scientific research informs us that the colors, white, gray, black, that we look at on the face of the moon, hide very beautiful colors in the ground of our beautiful natural satellite.I have […]

« Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed

My artistic creations « Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed In the ecology – as in the psychic – the elements, the relations and the communications are very complicated, sometimes soft and other times offensive and very energetic. The analytical view of these systems reveals a stratification, subsystems of […]

« Ocean of colors » – ALOZADE

My artistic creations « Ocean of colors » Creation day: July 22, 2020 The movements of water and air, with enormous energy, physical and light, produce beautiful rare colors and exceptional and impressive shapes.This subject is represented, with the help of the free imagination, in a creation of the abstract, […]

Three of my recent artistic works

Three of my recent artistic works Click on the image to enlarge A metaphysical subject which approaches the distant systemic, with a hyper complex structure, very energetic elements and well directed lights. It is the charm which touches the psychic and the spirit: Free imagination gives us the […]